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The project “Neutral Ground” may be described in many ways. Briefly, it is a “reality” television program series project in which youth at risk show that they can choose non-violent lives in otherwise very violent communities, starting with zones or “islands of peace”, each identified as “Neutral Ground”. Also, Neutral Ground is a social movement of the many great adult advocates, professionals and others, who strive and struggle with idealism in hard places to support, foster, encourage places for the young in which there is a spontaneous outbreak of non-violence … places of peace: Neutral Ground. The series shows through continuing real-life characters, youth and adult, how the drama unfolds. The series, which can and should be “franchised” like many reality series to other cities must be born in New Orleans. New Orleans? Absolutely. “Spontaneous outbreak of non-violence” among youth at risk in a violent community? Absolutely. More, even: spontaneous outbreak of non-violence in a deadly city for youth. New Orleans has proved deadly to far too many youngsters; check the facts. New Orleans: In the early 1800’s, New Orleans was a place of deadly civil war between established residents and newcomers. However, Canal Street, a famous, central boulevard of the great city, provided a wide central median of grass, trees which, as a whole, was used as a park … a peninsula of peace … running down its length. There is, as the lawyers say, “precedent” for the spontaneous outbreak of peace in New Orleans on Canal Street during the hostilities! To this day, all such street medians in New Orleans are called “neutral ground”. * New Orleans has given beyond measure to the greatness of American society and culture. It is imperative that Her gift of Neutral Ground, in the present context, grow and provide the television reality series here proposed. The essence of the series is to show as well as advocate for the spontaneous outbreak of peace among at risk youth in a variety of “Neutral Grounds”, such as the sponsorship of music programs by Tipitina’s Foundation and The Parasite Skate Park, and others to emerge in the course of the series. The series is set in New Orleans, moreover, because She endured a flood and storm which remind of Genesis on and around August 29, 2005! Yet, She returns to her unique goodness from this impossible challenge. Taking the spirit of rebirth from the Flood and the imperative need for peace, we submit New Orleans can do it, and our series is to show that very process. The series focuses on youngsters of course who choose this path of non-violence. It focuses on amazing adults who strive endlessly to work for non-violence so the children may grow in peace. The producers are currently three: creators Michael Kruzan and Harvey E Harrison, as well as Stefanie J. Allweiss, Esq. Kruzan and Harrison are television series and entertainment media professionals, each with over thirty years Hollywood experience in doing series like Neutral Ground. Stefanie J. Allweiss, an eminent New Orleans attorney, is a community advocate of unsurpassed congruence with the human and other resources essential to this project. *Peggy Scott Laborde and John Magill, Canal Street: New Orleans’ Great Wide Way, Pelican Publishing 2006, ISBN 978-1-58980-337-4; see also McKinney, Louise, New Orleans: A Cultural History, Oxford U. Press 2006


Harvey and his wife Jeanne live in Westlake Village, California, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The couple has two grown children, a son and a daughter.

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